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Many believe that the Thais were the first to cultivate rice, so it plays a crucial role in their day to day life. Farmers transfer the knowledge of rice cultivation from one generation to the next.


They enjoy a rich culture with centuries-old traditions linked with rice farming. Our own rice paddies encircle the villa and you are welcome to join in as we plant rice seedlings or harvest the ripe crop. 




Ask for a fishing gear and start catching! Our very own fish pond is located at the end of the property and is open to all our guests so don’t forget to bring back a fresh souvenir to the ones back home.

If you are not up for a catch you can always enjoy a peaceful and relaxing moment at sunset with all the members of your family around our fish pond. 



All the best of the Thai country side can be experience by horseback! All of our rides are enjoyed on over 50 rai of private path within our own land and on vast areas of adjacent hillside.

Riding along public roads is not necessary, therefore giving a real sense of freedom and feel for the open countryside; a great advantage and something that is unique. 


A part of the Land of Smile is the gastronomy, the people of Siam have a natural ability to produce great choice of cuisine. We invite you to submerge yourself in Thai culture by taking one of our cooking classes with our Thai chef. Get your own vegetables and herbs in our organic garden and start spicing ! 

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