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Traditional Thai Massage 

60/90/120 Min



Starting at THB 600

Bringing you the best of massage treatment our signature massage is a combination between a soothing aromatherapy massage and the benefits of the traditional Thai massage.


The mix of both those ancient treatments will bring you calmness and relaxation. 

Hot Oil Massage 

60/90 min                


                            Starting at THB 900

Our Hot Oil Massage, well known as the aromatherapy massage will help you relieve from any physical nuisances and emotional stress. The essential oils will need about an hour to enter your body and smoothen your skin.

Our therapist uses only home-made essential oils to ensure the best quality massage. 

Foot Reflexology 

60 min                


                  THB 750

A good Reflexology Foot Massage is an incredible healing force that can help alleviate many symptoms such as headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness.


A proper foot massage is one of the strongest stress relieving treatments and is a great way to end a full body massage.

A hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which hot stones are placed all over your body to maximize the therapeutic benefits. The hot stone journey starts with a Swedish massage to warm up your body and muscles. The therapist will then proceed with the massage with the help of hot volcanic stones by placing them all over your body. 

After sport Massage

90 min                


                     THB 1'300

Nothing better than a relaxing hot oil massage after any sport activity to liberate all the toxins in your body and able your body to heal faster from all hard efforts on the muscle. 


Our therapist will help you with the right massage for after sports effort on the right body parts.

Back And Shoulder Massage

30/60 min                


                     Starting at THB 500

Performed for hundreds of years, Herbal massage is known to provide deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue, and improving health.


We use our very own herbs from the garden, ginger, lemongrass and bergamot to strengthen the benefits of the herbal compress. 

We use the traditional Thai massage technique to perform the back and shoulder massage. Relieving the muscles of your upper body for all day related stress, typically the cause of knots in the shoulders.

A European style massage complemented by a combination of essential oils home-made with herbs grown in our organic garden.


These special essential oils are gently applied on the body to penetrate muscle fibres to convey a feeling of wellness of mind and soul.

Signature Massage 

90 min                



THB 1'100

Hot Stone Massage

90/120 min                


                            Starting at THB 1'200

The traditional Thai massage is a must-do, especially when traveling here. It has a firm base in traditional Thai philosophy with roots in ancient teachings.


The entire body benefits from a pressure point massage and stretching. Tension disappears replaced by a feeling of energy and peace.

Thai Herbal Compress

90/120 min                


                  Starting at THB 1'200

Swedish Massage

90 min                


THB 1'200


              At The Forest Spa treatments are tailor-made to each individual.

Our facial therapist uses a special massage technique to improve the drainage on the face. First, we start with a gentle scrub to remove all dead skin cells and then apply a refreshing mask to stimulate your skin.


This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

A coffee exfoliation is the best to reduce cellulite and treat stretch marks, scars, and acne. 

The caffeine, will tighten and provide antioxidants to the skin, and will help you get the perfect skin you're looking for. 


Sunburn Reviver Body Wrap

45  min                


                     THB 900

Our professional therapists use the classic treatment of wrapping the body in warm, mineral rich mud from the Dead Sea.


The dead sea mud brings great results that are visible right after the treament. It restores a rosy and moist glow to your skin. Other results are an improvement in blood flow and stimulation of the skin cells.

The Sunburn Reviver Body wrap will help your skin heal after any aggression of sunlight. Our professional therapist uses the extract of fresh Aloe Vera to create the body wrap.


Your skin will feel refreshed and the aloe vera extract will help your skin gently heal.   


        The Face is the window to the Soul.


             The secret of smooth skin. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Our Herbal Body Exfoliation is a combination of ginger, bergamot and lemongrass that comes directly from our organic herb garden. This combination will help soften and renew your skin by of removing all dead skin cells. 





Rice is the main composant of Thailand's people. Not only it is filled with all vitamins and nutriments needed by your body, but it also great to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. 


Jasmine rice will gently and effectively exfoliate to remove dead surface skin cells without over-drying.

Tamarind extract has a natural acid mixture that reduces blemishes and helps increase the cell renewal to clarify and brighten skin.


Studies have shown that tamarind extract significantly improves skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness.Mixed with honey and milk and you get the best exfoliation for smooth skin.

Our therapist uses the similar techniques and ingredients than the sunburn wrap for this facial treatment. They will use aloe vera extract to strengthen the skin from any aggressions from sunlight. 


This treatment is suitable for senitive skin.

The deep cleansing facial is a combination of different techniques to cleanse and smooth your skin. After the treatment starts with a cleanse and then continues with a gentle scrub. 


This treatment is suitable for oily skin.

The rejuvenating facial is a combination of different treatments and techniques used to improve skin elasticity and complexion. After a gentle scrub and a whitening mask, your skin will look more relaxed.



This treatment is suitable for all skin type.

Herbal Body Exfoliation

45 min                


THB 800

Jasmine Rice Exfoliation

45 min                


                     THB 800

Tamarind Body Exfoliation

45 min                


                     THB 800

Coffee Body Exfoliation

45 min                


                  THB 800

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

45 min                


                 THB 900

After Sun Facial 

60 min                


THB 900

Deep cleansing Facial

60 min                


                     THB 900

Anti Aging Facial

60 min                


                  THB 1'200

Rejuvenating Facial

60 min                


THB 1,200

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