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Take a Room in the midst of Thailand’s Rice Fields

Accommodation is always tricky to get right if you have never visited a country you are planning to travel to – the safe option is the norm in Western geared tourist hotspots, but if it is cultural adventure you are seeking, then why not try a Rice Field Villa !

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our spa and resort located in the heart of Thailand’s countryside where you can get a feel for the country’s rich cultural heritage up close and personal as well as be part of the cosine that has filled the bellies of millions Thais fulling a nation that is fast becoming an Asian super power.

While most of the tourism in Thailand leans towards the beaches and the tourist hot spots where Thai culture can be somewhat lost in amongst the Western influences found back at home, many other visitors are seeking an alternative adventure into the unspoiled hot spots of Thailand where Western Culture couldn’t be further away.

It’s no secret that Thailand is famous for its historical heritage which stems back to an agricultural tradition where the established diet of the country is largely based around the rice industry.

While we do offer pool side villas and golf view accommodation, there is also the chance to wake up every morning looking directly into the country’s most formidable trade.

Our Rice Field View Villa

Off the beaten track in Saruburi you will be treated to the choice of a number of rooms and villas with one of our most popular being the Rice Field View Villa. Waking up to the sound of musical chimes from the local avian wildlife and looking out onto the cool plains of the rice fields is a surreal experience for many.

Forget pool side views and gold views for one moment and take a breath of fresh air as you wake up to gaze upon the professionals at work harvesting their next yield of rice crop under the cool country breeze and soft sunrise of the Central Thai plains of Saraburi.

In this part of the word time stands still and the hot beating sun of Thailand keeps its distance. The central plains of Thailand are a lot cooler than the Southern areas of the country and if you decide to visit in Thailand’s cool season, you will capture everything described here along with the pleasant white mist that settles across the lands during this time of the year.

All this can be experienced from the luxury of a 5-star rated 80 square meter villa with all the amenities you ever wanted to make sure that you are totally at home. In the meantime, from your luxury Thai style villa you can gaze out over the rice fields surrounded by an incredible local vibe that is indescribable and cannot be experienced anywhere else in the continent.

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