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Pool Villas for a Luxury Stay

At Souchada Resort & Spa our aim has always been to offer our guests a range of exciting options that accommodate a wide variety of tastes, and our Pool Villas just happen to be one of our most exceptional examples.

If it is luxury and personal space that you are looking for, then 120 square meters set in an open planned villa with exclusive direct access a private wide swimming area will certainly tempt you into choosing one of our most high end accommodations on the resort – The Pool Villa.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, the pool villa offers the chance to unwind in privacy or step outside and socialise with our friendly guests and employees at the resort.

For many, the highlight of the Pool Villa is the luxurious living room. Invite guests over for a relaxing chat, take a rest with the doors wide open letting in the airy fresh breeze, or take a time out in order to sit back and catch up on some TV or put on your favourite film.

Spending time in the Pool Villa’s roomy living area is even more comforting when you know you always have the opportunity to relax and recapture another amazing day in your mind before retiring for a peaceful night’s sleep just a few steps away from the comfort of the living room sofa.

In fact, our guests are consistently complimenting the soundless night-time countryside surroundings of Saraburi coupled with the comfort of a soft and luxurious king sized bed in a spacious as well as cosy villa.

Before retiring for a peaceful night’s sleep you have the choice of drawing closed the blackout curtains and drifting away in the darkness or alternatively letting in the evening glow before being naturally awakened by the soft morning rays of Saraburi. Both have made for a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep for many of our guests that say at the Souchada Spa & Resort they experienced the best night’s sleep they have had in months!

After an undisturbed and reenergizing sleep, the anticipation of waking up with direct access to the Souchada Spa & Resort’s swimming pool gives complete peace of mind knowing that the day ahead will bring yet another stress free 24 hours in one of Thailand’s most relaxing destinations. Nothing is complicated here and so you have no need to worry !

Breakfast at the resort is easy and convenient with the option of taking a dip by heading directly from your bed to the pool before getting ready and making off for breakfast at the Golden Bell Restaurant. As a welcomed alterative, you can have breakfast delivered directly to your villa while enjoying the open view on the surrounding ricefields.

You are literally spoiled for choice when you choose our pool villas. Whatever your mood, whatever your preference from one day to the next, you have it all in one of our own personal favourites when it comes to choosing between all the Villas we have at the resort.

Find out more about Souchada Resort & Spa Villas here...

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