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Really – I should pack a jumper for a trip to Thailand?

When we think of a trip to Thailand, we tend to have an image of picturesque beaches and hot sun beating down over golden sands.

Well most of us wouldn’t be wrong in making this assumption; especially, when it is mostly true when we say Thailand is very well known for its year long hot climate. Nonetheless, The Land of Smiles does have its cool spots, which are generally away from the frequently visited modern beachside resort and hotel areas.

Once you start to travel north of Bangkok from Thailand’s infamous capital city and up to the central plains of the Kingdom, the climate begins to clear up and drop in temperature. In the central areas of Saraburi where the Baan Souchada Spa & Resort is located you will already begin to notice the difference between the hot smoggy air Bangkok has gained a well deserved reputation for, and the clean and cooler atmosphere of the central plains.

If you start to travel further to the north, you the temperatures begin to drop even more. There is not a lot of difference between the central plains and northern areas of the country, but it is remarkable just how much cooler it is compared to the Southern and Eastern areas of the capital and Bangkok itself.

During cooler times of the year in places such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius are not uncommon and in the mornings and evenings many will break out their jumper as the cool winds can get a bit nippy. Even in the central areas of Thailand the temperature can get quite low in the cool season.

In Bangkok and moving further South, on obviously there is no need to pack a jumper unless you feel like blasting your air-con on high and putting a jumper because you miss your home climate! However, for the most part, with temperatures that rarely drop much below 25 degrees Celsius during the cool season, you would be safe not bring a jumper.

Should you decide that you will be travelling to the central plains of Lopburi, Ayutthaya and Saraburi areas or up to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai during December to January, then pack a jumper just in case. You will not need it during the day, but if you are early morning person, or you enjoy dining after around 9pm, then you will have an excuse to get your favourite jumper out for the occasion.

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