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Amazing Spa & Sauna Facilities just 2 Hours Away from Bangkok

Ok so maybe you don’t feel like travelling 2 hours outside of Bangkok solely to get to a Spa & Sauna as the title suggests. However, if you are looking for a quick city escape where you are guaranteed the very best Thai massage, spa, sauna, relaxation, high quality food, comfortable rooms coupled with peace and quiet, then why not look to the north instead of the south of the city.

Here just a short drive out of the north side of Bangkok you’ll land in Saraburi where you find us ready to pamper our guests so they can forget about the daily stresses of life, and with a

If it is calm and wellness you are looking for when you stay, then whenever you feel like wondering out of your luxury accommodation at our resort, you can spoil yourself in so many different ways – lazing by the pool, walking in the country side breathing in the fresh country air, play a mini round of golf or go jogging around the vast landscape surroundings – at the Souchada resort it is all possible.

With all this (that is if this is fir you), it seems the star of the show at our resort is the Spa and Sauna literally on tap whenever you feel like it. Not to mention the traditional Thai massage that will send you back to your room where you will experience the best night’s sleep you’ve had in days, months, if not years!

The environment we have created is exactly the lifestyle all our guests experience for however many days you decide to stay.

Our spa facilities are highly organized and our staff highly trained in wellness activities. Don’t worry if you are new to the world of Spas, wellness, and relaxation because when it comes to getting some down town and pampering yourself, our professional staff will make sure you get comfortable with your surroundings.

One of our main aims with our spa facility is to make sure that our clients get the chance to realise how important relaxation and wellness is for their mind, body and soul.

Our dedication to creating a resort that encourages heightened health and a place of peace and beauty has meant that we attracted many likeminded people all contributing to the Souchada Spa and Resort’s well-earned reputation for being the number one getaway for city slickers looking to cram in two weeks of relaxation into a single two to three day getaway.

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