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Christmas & New Year Our Resort has Been a Big Hit

For those looking to get away from the carnage of Christmas for the many foreigners in Thailand and then the all in New Year’s celebrations, the Souchada Spa & Resort has been the answer. Our large but boutique resort’s location and tranquil vibe has redefined how New Year should be spent for many Bankokians and holiday makers alike.

We’ve had couples enjoying Christmas and the run up to New Year coming from all walks of life. Families coming together to enjoy the resort’s quiet location set in a quiet and relaxing location. Couples enjoying the piece and quiet on a romantic weekend away and city workers arriving to take advantage of the Spa and Sauna facilities.

One market we have really tapped into is for those that don’t have time for a long New Year getaway. They have come because the location is easy to get to and they don’t have to break the bank partying in the city. Rather they are looking for an alternative to the norm and the Souchada Spa & Resort has been able to accommodate their need for a relaxing transition from 2015 into 206.

We are very proud of all we have achieved since we announced the resort open. Our goal was always to accommodate those seeking a quick escape from the city, those looking for somewhere to recharge their batteries, as well as for those looking to seek out some of Thailand’s more authentic cultural heritage.

Plus, let’s not forget others that come for the quality Thai massage, Spa and Sauna facilities we also offer.

It has been a great success and a pleasure to accommodate guests seeking out a place to say that gets them away from the hustle and bustle Thailand can sometimes throw at you. We have enjoyed pampering those that needed pampering in order to escape from their busy day to day lives, and most of all we have taken much pleasure in seeing many of our newcomers return on several occasions throughout the year.

A big thank you to all those that took a leap of faith and came to Saraburi and stay with us as well as to all those that have been recommending our resort to others. Our great success is owed to all our guests and to our friendly staff for making Souchada Spa & Resort the new resort of choice in Thailand.

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