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What’s in store for Thailand in 2016?

Thailand may have had its fair share of political woes, but in essence no matter what may be happening with the country’s politics it never really affects the day to day lives of expats and tourists enjoying the hospital culture of the Land of Smiles.

This year Thailand’s tourism is expected to rise even further; while, hotels along the beachfronts and on the islands as well as establishments to cater for the tourists will continue to develop. In the midst of all this is a few negatives; more congestion and an increase in the number of people visiting the beach for a day of tanning causing more overcrowding in tourist destinations.

However, for those holiday makers in the know the crowds and overbuilt beachfronts can easily be avoided. There are still plenty of secluded spots to be found in places such as Koh Lanta in the South and Koh Tao. These locations are not always cheap to get to and accommodation prices are through the roof as these islands increasingly become a rarity in a country that just 15 years ago was still very much in a natural state of beauty.

For those that are looking to reduce their travelling costs, or have limited time to spend travel to the beaches but are still looking for a quiet Thai vibe and all-inclusive luxuries, travelling to the beaches can be an impractical option.

Locals are even more stretched for time as they have Friday evening to travel and then Monday morning to get back to work. Travelling on a plane in Thailand even domestically takes 5 to 6 hours door to door.

The simple solution is to look for a more practical location that has all the offerings of the popular tourist destinations and is accessible in half the time.

Souchada Spa & Resort has been that option for so many local expats and Thais alike. More recently as our resort gains further word of mouth and the positive reviews spread on the World Wide Web, increasingly more tourists are stopping by Saraburi. As we like to speak without customers we found several reasons for this.

Many of our tourist guests have been to Thailand before and are looking to get away from the crowded beaches. Another surprising statistic is that many of them prefer the quieter less crowded restaurants of exclusive resorts such as ours – especially at breakfast time.

In addition, the quitter town, more original Thai cultural feel and the fact that the cities of Ayutthaya and Lop Buri are nearby have all become appealing to those that are looking for the Thailand of old.

It’s nice to see that our resort appeals to such a wide range of people looking for a different option when visiting Thailand. Of course many of our clientele know Thailand very well and are residents of nearby cities such as Bangkok, but of course increasingly those new to Thailand and our tourist customer base has shown an increase in visitors, which means we are certainly doing something right!

Check out our homepage for information about our resort.

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