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We see Wellness & Relaxation as an important part of our History

at Baan Souchada and we believe in bringing you with upscale

and professional therapeutic programs. 

The Forest Spa is a unique combination of traditional 
techniques and modern skills to provide you with a soothing and unique relaxing moment.


With time and experience we have made The Forest Spa one of the most unique place, an isolated sanctuary from the bustling world.

Guests from all around the world have trusted us as their wellness partner

and we are happy to constantly advise them with suitable detoxing, rejuvenating and healing programs.


Operating hours:

Mon-Sun 9am – 7pm


For inquiries and reservations:

Please call: +66-(0)36-200940 - 1


Contact the Forest Spa



Upon arrival, your wellness journey will begin with aromatic and traditional beverages as you will have the opportunity to enjoy our cleansing and restorative heat treatments such as steam room, jacuzzi or opt for relaxation with our professional therapists who will nurture you through the rejuvenating and healing process of reaching true balance of the mind, body and spirit.


Put your mind at ease, let us take care for you.

You are at The Forest Spa.

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