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How can a luxury hotel in Saraburi make your vacation memorable?

Saraburi is in fact one of the lesser known tourist spots of Thailand, which is situated between the two better-known places,

Ayutthaya and Lopburi. What makes this spot very special is it really appeals to those looking to get off the beaten track and capture the vibe of what Thai culture is really all about.

Saraburi has been an important place in Thailand’s history since the ancient periods, and presently it is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination for those looking for a more tranquil setting in Thailand’s vast landscapes.

In the past, there was not much in the way of accommodation in the rural areas of Thailand such as Saraburi. However, now awaiting is a luxury five-star hotel for you with an affordable price range.

What is different about Saraburi today?

Well the answer is the offer extraordinary comfort. Saraburi not only offers a number of unique and historic attractions to its visitors. Now with the Souchada Spa & Resort in the area, you can experience the rural areas of Thailand like never before and be rest assured that after seeking holiday adventure in the Land of Smiles the beckoning luxury of a high end resort on your return always offers a place to retreat and relax.

One of the only 5-star resorts in the area

Souchada Spa & Resort is one of the only five-star hotels in this town offering a level of service, which you cannot expect to get from any other establishment in the area. Exclusively designed with classical Thai touches in every corner of the room along with the modern touches that provide the creature comforts are all there to make your authentic Thai stay much more enjoyable.

Great Value

At the Souchada Spa & Resort attention to every detail is a quality that is part of the culture of the whole resort. You will certainly not get this kind service anywhere else in these parts of Thailand. Personalized welcome amenities for guests, special pastry treats for children and even a drop of Champaign for guests celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries. In short, by the time you leave, we want you to feel like you have been pampered all the way!

Extremely tasty cuisine

The Golden Bell restaurant and Wine bar, offers exquisite menus. Which are prepared by renowned international chefs, using ingredients at the organic garden on the estate itself.

A great host for weddings

We make arrangements for a peaceful and natural setting for wedding ceremonies and other occasions. With the beautiful scenic setting of the resort and the upbeat ambiance in the area as well as the perfect cooler Thai temperature in this region, weddings are always a great success at the resort.


The resort is has fully equipped conference and business rooms. If you do happen to have business to attend to during your stay, don’t let the rural countryside put you off. We have a fully operational business facility ready to go on demand.

Reservations are refundable

If you book in luxury accommodations, and your plans go wrong, we won’t hold you ransom like some hotels. We generally offer a full refunding on any cancellations. Most of the other accommodations have strict cancellation policies. However, we believe in giving you piece of mind.

Great room locations

All our rooms have a theme. Pool side villas, golf villas, Rice farm views, balcony views to capture the sunset and sunrise from the comforts of your room.

With so many different ways to enjoy the countryside all in one place, the Souchada Spa & Resort has become a very popular place to stay even for those travelling to Thailand that heard about us and changed their plans to get a feel for what Thailand and its culture is truly about.

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