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Taking the Stress Out of Your Life

As we pointed out in one of our previous blogs, living and working in Bangkok isn’t easy. Admittedly it is a fun and exuberant city with all the conveniences in life you could ask for. Nonetheless, for some reason no matter how much sport you play and no matter how many spas and saunas as well as relaxing roof top garden coffees you indulge in, after a while, the assortment of ways to relax available in the capital just don’t seem to wash away the stress of a busy urban life.

The alternatives also don’t seem to offer that respite you are so desperate to get. Take the beaches in Thailand for example – they can be just as stressful as half of the cities population has the same idea. It usually means you end up having to beat the rush hour traffic to Pattaya, Hua Hin or Jom Tiem; while after you arrive, you end up in a bun fighting for space as the beach destinations fill up on the weekends and holidays.

Flying to Samui or a trip to Koh Chang doesn’t exactly take away the stress either. In spite of the short flight times, check in times 2 hours before the flight and a taxi to the airport and then another taxi on arrival takes another 5 to 6 hours out of your chance to relax – that’s not to mention having the same journey in the opposite direction upon your return.

So what are the other options?

Just a quick 2 hours outside of Bangkok our resort solved all these problems. It has been designed as a quiet spacious place that is all about relaxation and escaping the city vibes. Our setting is a traditional, but high end luxury resort in the heart of Thailand’s countryside close to Ayutthaya and Lopburi.

Here are just some of the reasons a simple 2 hour journey separates our resort, off the beaten track, from the rest of Thailand’s weekend and shot holiday destinations:

Relax with your family

The resort is ideal for families. Our luxury large and luxurious swimming pool areas is extremely quiet and the perfect place for children to play. You can top up your sun tan as the sun is always shining here; while, whisking the day away reading your favourite book or surfing the net while connected to our hi-speed WiFi.

Spa, Sauna and Traditional Thai Massage

If you are a regular visitor to the Spa, Sauna and massage in Bangkok, then you will simply adore our facilities. You get to feel what is like to truly relax after you step out into the fresh air of the countryside and spacious environment after our combination spa, sauna and massage package. No traffic, fresh air, peace and quiet as well as a tranquil setting.

Fresh Air as well as Peace and Quite

It is deadly quiet in Saraburi. So quiet that you can hear the breeze whisking past your ears, and of course with no traffic, each breath you take is filled with fresh air helping you completely revitalise. This is truly one of the best ways to get away from it all and really reenergise.


The resort itself is so relaxing and the journey to the region so effortless that we are certain that after one visit, we’ll be seeing you again. We appreciate our regular visitors and being a community driven and family resort, we always remember your face.

We also respect your privacy and leave to you to have the choice on whether you want to be pampered and waited on for you entire stay or whether you just want to be left to it enjoying the peaceful and soundless countryside environment in a luxurious 5-star setting.

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