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Getaway from the Smog and Smoke in Just 2 Hours

If you have been living or working in Bangkok for any length of time, you will probably come to a point where you need to get away from all the noise, people and traffic.

Most of the time the only viable option to get away from the smog and smoke for a short break seems to be down to the busy beach destinations of Jom Tiem or Hua Hin.

Both have their advantages, but weekends tend to be popular and holidays overcrowded not to mention the mad rush of traffic to these destinations starting when the weekends and holidays begin. It doesn’t end there as you spend the weekend or holiday contemplating the second spate of traffic in yet another mad rush to get back to the big city in time for work the next day.

It just feels like everyone has the same idea and is heading in the same direction every weekend and every holiday.

What is the alternative?

Just a 2 hour drive to the north of Bangkok Souchada Spa & Resort is a high class all-inclusive resort and spa with fresh air, cooler climate and comes without all the fuss and rush of the neighbouring Bangkok beaches.

Relax in the Countryside

Souchada’s resort is set in a large open countryside setting and is a far cry from the claustrophobic beaches of Jom Tiem and Pattaya, and a world away from the traffic, which Hua Hin has slowly started to gain a negative reputation for during the holiday periods.

Our resort is also a high class establishment that won’t break the bank.

Furthermore, for the price of a crowded hotel on the beach, you can travel to Saraburi in half the time any time of the year, holiday or weekend for a relaxing break without your privacy being invaded and hawkers hassling you to buy sun glasses and overpriced sea food.

Plus, you can play a short game of golf, swim in our luxury pool that never gets overcrowded, indulge in a relaxing spa and sauna and enjoy the high end restaurant as well as room service.

We have truly created a high end resort that is all about unwinding and brushing off the dust of a busy week or month in the capital. On your return to the big city, you will actually feel like you have had a break returning with a breath of fresh air and new spring your step ready for the challenges of suburban life once more.


In fact, you can either spend all your time on the resort relaxing and listening to pins drop ot you can explore the slow paced and relaxed life of the local town.

Saraburi itself is a quiet and traditional town where you can just pass the day away people watching sitting at a local coffee shop or in one of the local parks where there always seems to be a cool breeze taking the intensity out of the heat.

Alternatively, you can spend a few hours riding around on a Tuk Tuk temple spotting or market hunting around the backstreets of this authentic Thai and historic Thai town. Tuk Tuks here run at a much slower pace than you are probably accustomed to when rushing around in the Bangkok traffic. On top of this, the Tuks Tuks do not charge 200 baht for a 5 minute journey down the road as they seem to have made a habit of doing around the beachside areas of Thailand.

A ride in a Tuk Tuk in Saraburi gives you true feeling of satisfaction and value for money – safe, slow, cheap and the drivers are rarely money hungry – they just want you to see their town that they love and adore so much.

Price, Value and Location, Location, Location

Souchada Spa & Resort is ideally situated in the town of Saraburi and is the perfect high class establishment, completely tranquil and ideal for a weekend or short holiday getaway if you are fed up with the all fuss that comes with the beachside locations that are the obvious choice for a weekend out of the city.

The resort itself is set in open plains next to a rice paddy with all the amenities that you would expect of any high class vicinity in Thailand. The food is great, the value you get for your stay is remarkable, and you have the option of lapping up the laid back local life in the town of Saraburi; all these are just a few of the great advantages to having a short break in the countryside.

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