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Thailand’s Climate : The ideal escape from cold Winters

Of course when you see the title you are probably thinking

hot, hot, hot…

However, although Thailand does have a warm tropical climate, the country is not always scorching to temperatures that are unbearable; in fact, much of the time the weather temperature is perfect for those looking for reasonable heat while escaping the winter climates in the West.

Not all of us come from cold winters, but for those of us that do, Thailand is the perfect place to visit while winter settles in places such as Europe, Northern Asia and North America.

Thailand generally only has 3 seasons rather than the 4 seasons found in the majority of the Northern Hemisphere. They are hot, rainy (wet) and cool seasons; however, the temperatures around the country from north, central and down to the South and seasons are slightly different.

Many say that the South really doesn’t have much of a cool season, and instead it’s just a transition from hot to wet seasons. On the other hand, central Thailand and the north all have a fairly distinct 3 seasons with the northern central areas such as Lopburi as well as the northern areas of Thailand consisting of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are all being blessed with lower temperatures in comparison to the South.

From Blistering heat to, monsoons then the relief of cool weather

In general Thailand’s the cool season is something the locals tend to always look forward; much in the same way that , Northern Asia, Europeans and Northern Americans look forward to the summer months in their respective countries. However, in retrospect Thailand may have seasons, but the region is never really cool with its tropical temperatures pretty much lasting all year.

For the most part, the cool season is a time where the temperatures generally stay below 30 degrees Celsius although they can occasionally peak to around 32 degrees Celsius. This is a far cry from the April to June months where temperature soar; sometimes to 40 degrees Celsius in the Southern regions of the country, and they generally don’t drop much below 35 degree Celsius before, to the relief of many residents, the monsoons come.

Monsoon Season into the Cool Season

The Monsoon season is really quite pleasant. Despite many calling it the rainy season that name can be quite misleading just because it sounds as if during that time it always rains.

In truth, it rains for about an hour in the morning and an hour or slightly longer in the afternoon. Admittedly, there are a few days of European style drizzle where the entire day can be dark and overcast, but these patches of weather never really last more than a few days, they really cool down the atmosphere making days quite pleasant, plus they never last long coming and going throughout the rainy season.

As Thailand moves out of its Monsoon season, which usually lasts for around 4 months starting around August time and finishing up around the first week in November, the weather starts to really cool down; at least by Thai standards!

It is in fact during the last part of the rainy season in November when the cool season begins and temperatures become quite reasonable; especially as the rain and storms clear the air and cool down the atmosphere. November actually has the most rainfall of all the year, and the showery days can last slightly longer than the aforementioned 1 hour morning and afternoon showers.

Once the end of November approaches, the cool season is in full swing. In the North of Thailand and across the central plains of the country, the mornings can bring mist. In these areas there is generally no need for air-con, and it is advised for many travelers to these regions to bring a jumper.

In the Southern regions of Thailand, the temperature does drop slightly, but it is only really December that brings the cooler weather before the heat comes back. It is in fact pretty consistent weather where the islands are situated – hot all year around!

Hot and Rainy Seasons – Value for your Money

If you are looking for something a bit cooler and quieter than the Southern tourist hot spots, then the central plains of Thailand and the north are the best places to visit. Prices are more expensive during the cool seasons of Thailand; therefore, if you are looking for a more cost effective visit to the Land of Smiles, and you do not plan on getting scorched, then the hot and rainy seasons are your best bet.

We will cover the peak and low seasons and costs in Thailand in our next article here in the Souchada Spa and Resort blog section.

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