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Finding a Resort in Thailand

Thailand has long become one of South East Asia’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its diverse landscape host to countryside, mountainous as well as beachside resorts.

For the new travelers stepping into the Land of Smiles, finding a resort that will suit their every needs can be a little overwhelming just because there are literally so many to choose from. However, how do you sift through the good, bad and the ugly?

Some of the most obvious ways to do this are online. Trip Advisor, Agoda and Expedia are some of the very best online travel sites available for holiday research in Thailand. All three of these websites generally have the same hotels available with their own ratings.

All you need to do is check for consistency between these sites when it comes to ratings. Once you have shortlisted your favourite hotels/resorts with similar high ratings on all three sites, then the next step is to start looking at the surrounding area, which is where Trip Advisor comes in.

Trip Advisor

The well-know (in)famous Trip Advisor comes with some very honest and sometimes brutal reviews. The site is easy to navigate and it is independent of websites such as Expedia and Agoda, which only allow reviews from those that have booked rooms via their website – so the reviews here are going to be pretty accurate.

One of the most useful aspects to Trip Advisor that separates it from the popular hotel booking website is the wide reach it has into not just the hotel industry, but the entire entertainment, catering and tourist industry itself in any given are.

For instance, if you have already found the ideal hotel/resort that you would like to stay as far as facilities and room types are concerned, the nice thing about Trip Advisor is that there will also be reviews on the surrounding restaurants, beaches, tourist attractions and more.

In short, Trip Advisor is first of all best for looking into both hotels/resorts as a comparison rating with Agoda and Expedia as well as travel websites such as Asia Rooms, which we have not yet mentioned here !

Secondly, you can plan your entire trip and get a feel for the atmosphere of the local area and what is available by beginning a new search in order to find the best places to visit that are located within a stone’s throw of your shortlisted hotel/resort.

Weighing up all the pros and cons should land you in exactly right resort for your journey to South East Asia’s most visited country.

Baan Souchada Resort & Spa has been a long time partner of Trip Advisor & Booking Travelers. We were offered the Certificate of Recommendation with a 4.5 stars rating in 2015 and we have been living up to these standards ever since.

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