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Why is Saraburi Perfectly Situated for our Guests?

Being in the central plains of Thailand, Saraburi is cooler, historically rich since it neighbours Thailand’s former capital of Ayutthaya, and it is perfectly situated as the centre point for those that plan to travel to the northern and southern areas of Thailand.

Where is Saraburi Situated Exactly?

If you are unfamiliar with Thailand, then a quick geography lesson is in order. Saraburi is situated just north of Bangkok near Lop Buri – a small but ancient city known for its temples and local clans of monkeys that wander freely in the area – an intriguingly warm addition to what has become a charming long lost city of Thailand. Plus, as mentioned in the opening, Saraburi is also right next to Ayutthaya, which is another one of Thailand’s most historic cities.

Free from the Hustle and Bustle of City Life and Touristy Advertising

With this part of Thailand also relatively unspoiled by the bill boards, advertising, TV screens and standstill traffic found in Bangkok and Pattaya, this central trio of cities offers a very different alternative. Here you get a peaceful look into the real Thailand of old where Thai culture is still very much connected to its original roots.

A Cooler Climate

The area is also a far cry from the sweltering heat of Bangkok and on the larger islands of Koh Samui and Phuket, where recently traffic problems have also become a huge problem.

With temperatures a few degrees Celsius lower than the southern regions of the country and next to no traffic, from Saraburi you can take trip out for the day out, see more without the traffic holding you up and even though the weather isn’t amazingly cool, you will not be as hot as you would be had you chosen the busy streets of Bangkok or the sweltering heat of the Southern island temperatures.

Connecting the North to the South

In addition, you will experience a feel for the north and south of Thailand as these cities are the centre points of Thailand. As the northern parts of the city connect with the north of Thailand and slows to Southern parts of the cities, the influences from north and south meet in the middle; while, still keeping that traditionally Thai aura in the region.

Bustling fish and flower markets, night markets, food markets and a chance to go shopping local style where everything is reasonably priced is sure to give you a feel for a side of Thailand that seems to have been long forgotten in the midst of all the fuss surrounding the hot spot tourist destinations such Koh Phi Phi and Pattaya.

In Saraburi and the neighboring cities you can go shopping and feel completely relaxed as you peruse an abundance of locally crafted items as well as get the chance to browse around some of more modern shopping options for a home versus Thailand price comparison.

Hassle Free Day Trips to the North, East, South or West

Another one of the great benefits of having a 5 star hotel centered in the heart of Thailand is the chance to explore.

Day Trip to Bangkok

The resort is perfectly situated for a day trip to Bangkok where you can traverse the high end shopping centers, take a river trip or take your time wandering around the many markets the city has to offer. There are also a handful of temples as well as Grand Palace; all popular places to visit in Thailand’s bustling capital city.

Of course, for those that are not your average city dweller, the best thing about this day trip is that you get to return back to the fresh air and scenic country side of Saraburi for a good night’s sleep ready for a relaxing day on the resort to wash the dirt and grime of an exciting trip to the nation’s most populated destination.

Travel North with Ease

Alternately, head north to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Pai where the mountainous region is famous for its quiet a laid back attitude to life. Also, the weather in this region of Thailand is the coolest you will experience, and if you are visiting in Thailand’s cool season, then you’ll be surprised at just how cold it can get – pack a jumper if you plan to head into this region!

Head West to Burma

To the West of Saraburi there is Burma, also known as Myanmar. The country has recently freed itself from years of military depression ad big things are said to be taking place as Burma prepares to take its place on the stage for global trade. Currently completely unspoiled, still very far behind the rest of the world, Burma’s border is just a few short hours away from the Souchada Resort and Spa.

Take Beach Trip to the Southern Islands

Many people use Bangkok as their stopping point before leap frogging to the beaches of Koh Samui or Phuket. However, the city is not for everyone. From Saraburi, the airport is easily accessible to plan a journey to the south of Thailand and back again.

Recommended Southern Destination Include:

  • Kata Beach – Phuket

  • Koh Samui

  • Koh Chang

  • Koh Samet

  • Koh Tao

  • Koh Lanta

Visit Phnom Penh in Cambodia

If you are looking for another quiet city to visit with plenty of temples and very little traffic, the Phnom Penh is a great destination for a 2 to 3 day visit. We can help you organize the entire trip to Cambodia’s most modern city – and one that is continuing to catch up with the likes of Bangkok.

Return to Paradise at the Souchada Spa & Resort

Once you have had your fill of any of the alterative destinations Thailand has to offer. You can return back to Saraburi to relax before returning home, or to plan your next trip to another of Thailand’s hotspots.

Please see more about our resort, rooms and Saraburi by navigating to our homepage

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